Mevo Start from Logitech

30.06.2022 16:25

Logitech Mevo Start is the simple all-in-one solution for streaming and live events.

Mevo Start was specifically developed to stream live events and long videos. The camera can simultaneously stream and record in up to 1080p. With the free Mevo app you can edit your broadcasts live on your smartphone. Pan from guest to guest, zoom into important details, crop the image, cut from one angle to another, and more - it's a video studio for your pocket!

Users can share their livestreams with the Mevo app on all popular streaming platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more - the camera is even NDI compatible. It also allows you to control aspects like brightness, contrast, lighting, focus, and white balance.

One of the camera's additional features is the Mevo Wired and Wireless Webcam Mode, which works with Windows and Mac. With this mode, you can simply connect your Mevo Start via USB to your computer, activate the Webcam Mode in the app and use the Mevo Start as a webcam. When you do this, you can still use all of the app's special functions like autocuts, colour corrections, audio corrections, etc.

The following accessories are available for Mevo Start:

The camera is available as a single unit or in the convenient 3-pack. The three Mevos can be controlled via a single app and allow for a classical 3-camera setup.