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The name Cerevo is a combination of "consumer electronics" and "revolution" and embodies the ambition of this company, founded in Tokyo in May 2008, to revolutionize consumer electronics. Cerevo develops products for the "Internet of Things" concept and manufactures hardware and software for it.

This development is no longer limited to adding various communication functions to existing products. Rather, Cerevo is thinking intensively about what we will need in the future and what we want to achieve. In doing so, the company is moving beyond the existing boundaries of hardware, software, and services.

Today, Cerevo products are sold in more than 85 countries worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in Tokyo, the company has a branch office in Redmond/USA with more than 30 employees.

Our company portfolio includes products such as the FlexTally lamps and the LiveShell streaming encoders. They are aimed at both professionals and consumers.

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