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Although he did not develop a camera, he made a decisive contribution to turning mere images into professional films: Wendelin Sachtler, cameraman, actor, and inventor, developed his own tripod head in 1958 and thus revolutionized the film industry. His so-called gyro head could not only be panned and tilted, but was also dampened by a gyro system - filmmakers could now finally carry out smooth pans and no longer had to struggle with a certain "momentum" of the equipment.

This inventive spirit of Wendelin Sachtler still forms the cornerstone of the philosophy of a company that is now part of the Vitec Group, which itself bundles products, services and solutions for the broadcast, entertainment and media industry. Thinking outside the box and the exchange of ideas between experts are thus quasi institutionalized.

The company has remained committed to the principles of its founding father. Then as now, the film and television industry associates Sachtler with quality, reliability and innovation. Thanks to constant progress in product development and continuous investment in state-of-the-art machinery, Sachtler has maintained this standard for decades.

Whether Sachtler products are used in the desert or in the Antarctic, thanks to their durability they are always a safe and reliable companion for the teams. But the Sachtler "S" is not only found in extreme conditions. A glance at the daily news programs is enough - the attentive viewer will spot this striking logo.

The products of the company, which is based in Eching near Munich, have already won a number of awards. At the Good Design Awards 2021 in Tokyo, for example, the flowtech aktiv range received the "G-Mark Award".

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