Anton Bauer

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Anton/Bauer is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of mobile power supply systems for the broadcast, film and video and medical sectors. The company manufactures durable systems for everyday use. Whether on a film set, on a snow-covered mountain top or in a hospital - Anton/Bauer systems always offer the highest quality and reliability.

The company has registered numerous patents and won multiple awards. These include an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development" and a Sci-Tech Academy Award.

Former ABC cameraman Anton Wilson and electrical engineer George Bauer founded the company to provide the film industry with reliable battery technology. Their inventions include, for example, the battery charge status indicator.

In 1997, Anton/Bauer was acquired by the Videndum Group and has continued its successful and indispensable developments under this umbrella ever since. Anton/Bauer's more than 40 years of experience in understanding battery system technology and power management are unrivaled today.